The Health Humanities in Postgraduate Medical Education

A Peterkin & A Skorzewska, Eds. Oxford University Press, 2018

The Canadian Association for Health Humanities is proud to announce that one of its founders, Dr Allan Peterkin, has published a new guide to using the health humanities in postgraduate medical education (co-edited with Dr Anna Skorzewska). We are pleased to be able to host these useful lesson plans associated with each chapter of that book. More details about this important text can be found on the OUP website.

Chapter 1: Why Are the Health Humanities Relevant (and Vital) in Postgraduate Medical Education?

Chapter 2: Redirecting the Clinical Gaze: Film as a Tool of Critical Reflection in Residency Training

Chapter 3: Narrative Medicine in Postgraduate Medical Education: Practices, Principles, Paradoxes

Chapter 4: ‘Learning on the Job’: Ethics in Post-Graduate Medical Education

Chapter 5: The Visible Curriculum

Chapter 6: Teaching the Social Sciences in Residency

Chapter 7: The Use of Theatre with Medical Residents: An Embodied Approach to Learning About Self and Other

Chapter 8: Promoting Collaborative Competencies: Using the Arts and the Humanities to Enhance Relational Practice and Teamwork

Chapter 9: Teaching History of Medicine/Healthcare in Residency